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About Charles Holt

Music and storytelling have always been a vital part of Charles’ life growing up in the South. However, despite thorough tutelage from his staunchly religious grandmother, who insisted upon him learning church hymns as a child, Charles never aspired to walk the path of a performing artist. He dreamed of playing professional football. After a disappointing end to his athletic career, he then pursued a career in Corporate America with IBM. After two successful years as a sales representative, he left to spearhead a regional office of another large company. A year from the date he started, he was fired. It wasn’t until a friend encouraged his potential as a singer and actor that Charles’ love for music resurfaced.

July 1996, Charles, led by intuition, left the comforts of the South with $400 dollars for the bright lights of Broadway. He has since starred in some of the most celebrated and spectacular productions in American theatre history including Smokey Joe’s Café, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Lion King. He was the first African American to play the role of ‘Rocky’ in the European tour of The Rocky Horror Show. Charles adds guest starring roles in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, All My Children, the award winning independent film Anne B. Real, and the thought provoking comedy, Ed’s Trip. He received national acclaim and rave reviews for his 20-character portrayal in his one-man stage play Black Boy, based on best selling author Richard Wright’s autobiographical landmark, as well as his portrayal of Civil Rights activist and icon, W.E.B. Du Bois in the one-man production, The Smoke King.

After spending eight years in “The Big Apple” and building his theatrical career, Charles shifted gears again. Heeding his intuitive voice he moved to Los Angeles in the midst of what seemed to be a remarkably advancing, storybook type career. His initial goal was to expand as a television and film actor; however, he instead found himself in the center of constant self-introspection and soul-stirring queries. It was after meeting Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, that Charles felt compelled to write the next chapters of his spiritual unfolding and life purpose.

His company has too transformed and blossomed. Charles Holt Productions is a ministry committed to creating, performing, and producing vehicles that speak life and that inspire a higher mind-set of consciousness and awareness. Through music, stage productions, film, books, short stories, and spoken word, our intention is to underline principles such as freedom, excellence, healing, harmony, and justice. We believe within the strength of articulating through theatrical mediums and demonstrating from full self-expression and truth lies the ability to empower the individual; therefore dissolving barriers within local, national and world communities and encouraging us to embrace the brilliance of “self” and the diverse brilliance in others – all for the greater Good.

Premiering fall 2010 are two new one-man plays: Never Fight a Shark in Water (– the remarkable and ground breaking play based on the life story of Gregory Bright. Exonerated after 27 ½ years in Angola Prison after being wrongfully convicted of 2nd degree murder, Gregory tells how he taught himself to read and write while in prison so that he could understand the law and reclaim his freedom. However, his transformation came through his strength and courage to crack open his heart of pain and fear to find the seed inside to forgive. What Aunt Creasy Said- a stirring production from Holt’s coming of age as a star athlete in the Gospel south to his landing on the Broadway stage.  He is in collaboration with Dr. Michael Beckwith (author of the award winning book Spiritual Liberation and featured teacher of the international phenomenon The Secret) on a theatrical production based on the life of George Washington Carver.

Charles has entertained sold-out audiences around the world, including The John F. Kennedy Center The Turkish-American Association in Ankara, Turkey, and Rikers Island Correctional Facility. He speaks to groups and organizations, while conducting workshops and master classes nationally.

Agape Media International is set to release Mighty Gift of Joy, his second album project, in fall 2010. His debut album, I Am, was released to critical acclaim. Charles performs at colleges, universities, corporate events, and spiritual centers around the world, as a part of his ‘Sole’ Music Concert Series.

The Voice That Matters, Charles’ landmark book about his journey in finding his own unique voice and life purpose will be published in 2011.

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